Hey there! I am working on a powerful eBook to help people take small steps to overcome unhealthy patterns and develop a life of vitality in a structured, systematic, EASY way!

You can be a part of making this a world-class resource by being a part of the eBook Focus Group and Launch Team.

In exchange you'll get FREE health coaching from me via two, live webinars and daily interaction in the support group; a mention in the final copy of the book; 50% off any online program and of course - a free copy of the book!
What's your first name? *

What's your last name? *

Are you willing to review the book's content and complete the exercises within 2 weeks from receiving the draft (approx. 10 hours to complete) *

Are you willing to provide honest feedback to help improve the quality of the book and make it a must have tool for vitality? *

Are you willing to get on 2 group webinars with other focus group participants to collaborate on feedback? (2 hours) *

Are you willing to review cover design samples? *

Are you willing to proof the final copy (approx. 2 hours) *

Are you willing to join the Fitlandia Facebook group to share your progress and results from the book? *

Are you willing to share posts about the launch on social media? *

Are you willing to share images, messaging, free chapters, etc with friends, family and co-workers upon the book's release? *

If you work for a company (not self-employed), would you be willing to share the book with your Human Resources/Benefits department to get your fellow associates a copy? *

Would you like to be a featured guest on the Fitlandia Podcast sharing your experience and results from using the book? *

Are you willing to provide a review on Amazon.com? *

Let us know if there someone you think we should contact to include in the book launch program?

Please provide a first name and email address so we can invite them too!
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